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Borve Lodge Estate, Harris,  Borve,  United Kingdom, Grouse, Red deer, Brown trout, Atlantic salmon, Sea trout

Borve Lodge Estate, Harris

Borve, United Kingdom
Grouse, Red deer, Brown trout, Atlantic salmon, Sea trout

The Borve Lodge Estate Fisheries lie amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in the Western Isles. The streams flow through rugged mountainous terrain and journey just a few kilometres down to the west coast and its famous white sandy beaches. Most of these streams provide excellent spawning for salmon and sea-trout and they flow in and out of numerous small lochs that provide the venues for targeting the returning adult fish.

The Estate’s main sea-trout and salmon fishery is centred on the two lower lochs on the Laxdale River. Located at the head of Luskentyre Estuary, Loch Fincastle covers approximately 3 hectares lying just above sea-level and is only separated from the sea at high tides by the dam wall. Loch Fincastle provides the cream of the sport in the early season, with fresh run sea-trout and grilse normally arriving from late June to early July. Loch Fincastle has two boats, and being small and shallow it is easy to cover and to framiliarise yourself with the best lies. Loch Fincastle and the nearby sea-pools are also very fishable from the bank.
Deer stalking takes place on Borve Lodge Estate usually from August until February each year and is an essential part of the estate’s habitat management programme. A population of wild Red Deer, (1 stag and 4 hinds), was introduced to Taransay in the early 1980’s and this population has multiplied and now numbers around 200 animals.

Taransay provides a truly unique experience for our stalking guests
The Red Deer, (Cervus elaphus), is the UK’s largest land mammal with the fully grown adult males, Stags as they are correctly known, weighing upwards of 350 pounds. The stag herd on Taransay provides an amazing wildlife spectacle during the rut which usually starts in September and peaks in October. The Stags move down to the low ground pasture to join the Hind groups and then compete for mating rights. The sound of roaring Stags and clashing antlers echoes around the island and the deer can be observed in close proximity, which provides superb photographic opportunities.

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