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Brooklands Lake,  Fishermans Rest,  United Kingdom, Bream, Perch, Northern pike, Carp, Other fish

Brooklands Lake

Fishermans Rest, United Kingdom
Bream, Perch, Northern pike, Carp, Other fish

Brooklands is a 28 acre, old sand and gravel pit which is ringed by trees and reeds with an average depth of 14 foot. The lake is incredibly rich in natural food as well as the surrounding flora and fauna. This winter has seen the completion of our 3 year stocking programme and pictures of the fish introduced can be seen in the clubhouse at Brooklands or on our website. There are numerous carp in excess of 40lb (the lake record currently stands at 48lb) as well as pike to 38lb, tench to 14lb, bream to 14lb, eels to 8lb+, perch to 4lb, rudd and roach.

This lake has 28 swims, all of which give each angler plenty of space and features to fish. Each swim has been carefully placed and constructed to make the most of its location from both a fishing and weather protection perspective. Around almost 3 sides of the lake you can park right beside your rods but at the same time your vehicle is hidden away to ensure that the view is not spoiled for your fellow anglers on the opposite banks. Vehicular access is by way of a gate to which all members are given a key.

We are also have the MVF club house which is equipped with all the mod cons that the modern discerning angler has come to expect including a toilet (with disabled access).

Membership of Brooklands Lake is strictly limited to 130 places. There is a 4th rod option at an additional cost but this must be used in a neighbourly fashion as there are other anglers to be considered.

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