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Cabo Verde Fishing Center, ,  Cape Verde, Wahoo, Yellowfin tuna, Sailfish, Blue marlin

Cabo Verde Fishing Center

, Cape Verde
Wahoo, Yellowfin tuna, Sailfish, Blue marlin

Welcome to cabo verde - ilha do sal - hot spot fishing the desire to measure myself up to the ocean…the choice of the equipment…the interpretation of the day...strike…and the big game is afoot!

Giorgio assolari – owner and founder responsible of the fishing center - pesca turistica servicos lda. and his qualified staff offer you all their experience and professionalism in organizing sporting fishing tripssal island offers such a geologic conformation that few miles from the coastline there are already three thousands meters. on the island there are both extraordinarily wide white beaches and steep volcanic cliffs. all this adds up to render this island a little paradise where, from the long past time of the first colonizers to our days, fishing is an integral component of the local culture.santa maria is the historical fishing center of sal. here, near the traditional wood pier, life center for all fishermen, there is the center atlantis, where the fishing center is located.the center atlantis accomodates a famous restaurant for savory fish barbecues and the center sail mistral.fishing centerrestaurant atlantis useful information:passport and visa: a valid passport is required, usually your travel agency will provide the mandatory visasvaccinations: not requiredtime zone: minus one hour gmttelephone: the international prefix for calling cabo verde is 00238 + numbercurrency: local currency is the cabo verde escudo (ecv) corresfresh water fishinging more or less to 0,009 eurocredit card: credit card use is not yet widespread. in the bank offices and in some shops visa and mastercard cards are accepted.language: the official language is portuguese, what it’s currently spoken is criolo. italian is widely used.climate: dry tropical climate, rains almost unheard of; medium temperature 26° c.clothing: light clothes in every season; something warmer and windproof for the evening.souvenir: music cd and cassettes, products in coconut, terracotta, wood; colourful batik fabrics and foodstuffs like s. nicolàu tuna, the st. antào grogue and ponche.religion: catholicsocial organization: independent republic, politically stable and without social discords.food: based above all on fish; typical dish is the cachupa, a soup with fish, maize, meat and vegetables.

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