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Caldecotte Lake,  ,  United Kingdom, Bream, Perch, Northern pike, Other fish

Caldecotte Lake

, United Kingdom
Bream, Perch, Northern pike, Other fish

At over 70 acres this venue has received tons of stock over the years, and now holds some first-class fish which, when hooked, can be real tackle testers. Roach to over 3lb, pike over 30lb, big perch, double figure bream, chunky hybrids over 5lb that fight like tench are all part of this lake. Average depth of the fishing areas is around 12 feet and the best results often come from fishing tight to the bottom of the bank when a good wind has been blowing across the lake for a couple of days.
Caldecotte North is open all year Caldecotte South is subject to the statutory closed season

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