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Chatton Trout Fishery,  Alnwick,  United Kingdom, Brown trout, Rainbow trout

Chatton Trout Fishery

Alnwick, United Kingdom
Brown trout, Rainbow trout

Welcome to Chatton Trout Fishery

Chatton Trout Fishery is owned and run by the Brown family and aims to provide the highest quality trout fly fishing in relaxed, peaceful and friendly surroundings.

Our fishery consists of three lakes; Chatton Lake, Ross Lake, and Dunnydeer Lake, and is situated half a mile from the village of Chatton in picturesque north Northumberland.

All three lakes are stocked twice a week.

We have two aerators on Chatton Lake to ensure ice free fishing over the winter months.

'Chatton Lake' is 4 acres,
'Ross Lake' is approx 3 acres and
'Dunnydeer' is approx 4 acres.

All three lakes are stocked with Tiger, Rainbow, Blue and Brown Trout (all Tiger and Brown Trout must be returned to the lake).

They are all bank fishing lakes with no obstructions for casting.

This is a strictly barbless fishery.

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