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Chester Lakes,  Marlston Cum Lache,  United Kingdom, Carp, Other fish

Chester Lakes

Marlston Cum Lache, United Kingdom
Carp, Other fish

Throughout the Chester Lakes site there are hard roadways which make most of the venue suitable for disabled anglers and whilst three of the four existing pleasure lakes are what can only be described as exposed, a great deal of bankside tree and shrub planting is being carried out to soften the landscape including the planting of more than 2,500 birch, laurel, oak and beech trees. In addition, thousands of spring bulbs have been planted.

The three main pleasure lakes are located next to each other and are stocked with similar ratios and sizes of silver fish and carp to 19lbs. A fourth pool, Wood Pool can be found - as its name suggests - on the edge of the wood at the end of the track which runs past the three main lakes. For more information about our lakes click here.

All the lakes are illuminated at night and there are several electric hook-ups around each lake so anglers in tents or bivvies can have access to electricity at an additional cost.

Night fishing is allowed on all Chester Lakes waters.

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