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Dalswinton Estate ,  Dumfries,  United Kingdom, Salmon, Grayling, Sea trout, Trout

Dalswinton Estate

Dumfries, United Kingdom
Salmon, Grayling, Sea trout, Trout

Trout fishing: The Dalswinton Drum Loch is 6 acres and lies in the heart of Dalswinton Estate. The fishing is from the bank and there are over 24 different platforms to fish from. The Loch itself is easily accessed with a good car park and an easy walk of 50 metres to the Loch itself. There is a fishing hut (Currently being upgraded) for fishermen to enjoy the surroundings from.
Salmon fishing: Dalswinton Estate, situated 7 miles north of Dumfries, has 2.5 miles of single bank fishing, stretching from the pump house at Auldgirth to the Railway viaduct at Portrack. It is a particularly attractive stretch of the river. Later on in the Autumn, the river is notorious for its runs of the famous grey-backs and salmon are landed regularly. In 2011 Dalswinton recorded a 34lb Salmon caught on the fly and returned.

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