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Delfine Pescatore Chartere, ,  Indonesia, Wahoo, Marlin, Tuna, Yellowfin tuna, Sailfish

Delfine Pescatore Chartere

, Indonesia
Wahoo, Marlin, Tuna, Yellowfin tuna, Sailfish

The name Indonesia has its roots in the two Greek words, "indos" meaning Indian and "nesos" meaning Island. This is an excellent description for the world's largest archipelago, consisting of more than 17.500 islands. Bordered by the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, indonesians refer to their country as "Tanah Air", which means land and water.
This vast water area of over three million square meters makes Indonesia the ideal country for sport and recreational fishing. The Sunda Strait, the nautical gateway to Indonesia and southeast Asia beyond, is not only known for washing the shores of Krakatau volcano and Ujung Kulon National Park. Separating the islands of Java and Sumatra, the Sunda Strait also has the reputation of being one of the best game fishing grounds in Indonesia.

The game fishing in Aceh is outstand Ujung Seuke is, due to its sheltered position, another favorite spot for fisherman with smaller boats. Large Giant Trevally at the nearby Batee Meuduro, Are commonly found in these waters Probably the most rugged and exposed coastline in extremity of Weh island. A spectacular cliff shoreline with tropical forest on even the steepest slopes plunges steeply into the Malacca Strait, These close inshore deep waters give ideal conditions for a wide variety of heavy duty game fish. The Ujung Ba'u area, marked by the historical Kilometer Nol, is characterized by extremely drop off and a rough and rocky sea bottom. The many species of bait fish in these waters attract the big predators.ng with hot popping spot in Rondo Island, Andaman Sea, Limbo Geureutee, Pulo Aceh and Weh island.
As shallow reef lies of the corner of Pulo Rondo and extreme drop off in this popular spot is known as Batee Geulanteu. This area is especially popular with bigger boats. Giant Trevally and further out where the area gradually deepens into the Indian Ocean and Andaman Sea, Marlin and Sailfish can be caught. Lying opposite of Pulo Rondo, the rougher waters of guard the entrance of the Andaman Sea. Here, boaters have to endure strong tides and big swells from the Andaman Sea to catch huge Giant Trevally, Dogtooth or Yellow fin Tuna.

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