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Denmark Fishing & Outdoor Lodge,  Ebberup 5631 – Fyn –,  Australia, Gar, Salmon, Flounder, Sea trout, Carp, Other fish

Denmark Fishing & Outdoor Lodge

Ebberup 5631 – Fyn –, Australia
Gar, Salmon, Flounder, Sea trout, Carp, Other fish

Sea trout fishing is the main reason why anglers from across Europe return every year to Fyn. We have thousands of of anglers coming back every year to enjoy our Coastal fishing. Our Island is a unique and fantastic place. You will fish in a variety of natural locations on the coast, over reefs, and from sandy beaches. This is not a 20 fish in a day destination, therefore if you are in search of that our destination is not for you. But, if you are looking for a fantastic fishing experience and the satisfaction of catching fish with “value added”, then you must try this experience.
Fly fishing, spinning, and bombarda are the techniques to use to catch these fish. Sea trout are very strong and are known for jumping spectacularly once hooked. Sea trout vary in size, with many fish averaging 35-55 cm, but there are fish of 60-80cm. The trout of a lifetime, with the added value of having caught it in the sea.
Not least, our seatrouts are very strong and perform spectacular jumps!

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