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Domaine De La Vallee, Vendeuil,  France, Carp

Domaine De La Vallee

Vendeuil, France

Domaine de la Vallée lies nestled in an area that is a haven for anglers. The whole area is literally full of lakes, all alongside the River L’Oise, which, along with its navigable canal, is situated just yards from the lakeside.
It’s a large lake (around 1 mile long and 120 acres) and was dug out for gravel, as were most of the lakes in the area. It is overlooked by the village of Vendeuil and is surrounded by open fields full of birds and animals which make the most of the waterside environment.
The lake itself is literally full of features, with islands, bays, lily pads and overhanging trees that give the fish plenty of places to congregate and the angler plenty of places to fish.
This is a very versatile water for anglers, with just about every feature imaginable to fish too, a huge stock of carp up to 25kg and swims that make the most of the features the lake has to offer.

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