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Fine&Far Guide Service,  Redwood City,  United States, Salmon, Steelhead, Rainbow trout, Trout

Fine&Far Guide Service

Redwood City, United States
Salmon, Steelhead, Rainbow trout, Trout

Fine&Far guide service provides a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of California's Redwood Coast while pursuing anadromous fish on the swung fly. The rivers we fish include the Smith, Eel, Klamath and Trinity Rivers.
All trips are spey oriented and strive to emphasize best practices in the field and on the water. Our primary focus is steelhead. These vaunted sea run trout have lured fly fishermen to journey north since the Irish immigrant John Benn first came to the Eel River by way of San Francisco in the 1880's and have remained one of the ultimate prizes for anglers worldwide. Here on California's Northcoast we have the unique opportunity to target them amongst some of the last old growth stands of Redwood left. There is nothing else like it.

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