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First Light Charters ,  De 19958,  United States, Bass, Flounder, Sea trout

First Light Charters

De 19958, United States
Bass, Flounder, Sea trout

This charter business was developed first and foremost for my love of fishing, but also to accommodate a need for smaller groups of anglers looking to fish the lower Delaware coast. We target a variety of species, primarily using three styles of fishing: Light Tackle, Fly Fishing and Wreck Fishing.

Delaware offers a wide variety of places to target specific fish. From the vast number of artificial reef sites and wrecks, the jetties at the Indian River Inlet, to the Inner and Outer Walls of the Delaware Bay; the lower Delaware Coast offers a vast opportunity to fish a lot of excellent structure. At these sites and many others, anglers can target species such as Rockfish (Striper), Tau Tog, Croaker, Bluefish, Sea Bass, Sea Trout, and Flounder.

Captain CookCaptain Cook will customize trips to fit the need of the individual angler. Whether its wreck fishing in the Atlantic or fly fishing the Wall at night, he will create and plan a trip that’s right for you! Our charters encompass rivers and tributaries of the lower Delaware Bay, the Rehoboth Bay, Indian River Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean.

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