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Fish Head Expeditions, Oregon City,  United States, Tuna, Yellowfin tuna, Trevally, Bonefish

Fish Head Expeditions

Oregon City, United States
Tuna, Yellowfin tuna, Trevally, Bonefish

Christmas Island is a unique natural masterpiece that fluently combines all the elements critical to fly fishing success: endless hard sand flats fishing, remarkable numbers of cruising bonefish and trevally, consistent year-round weather and great people. Located 1200 miles south of Hawaii and within 200 miles of the equator, Christmas Island is the only true year round flats fishing destination. The guides at Christmas Island Outfitters have been handpicked for their overall level of experience and skill, calmness under pressure, and instructional abilities. All fly fishing is sight casting while wading in shallow water. Christmas Island’s plentiful bonefish average two to four pounds, though each week presents numerous opportunities for larger bonefish in the five to ten pound class. Excellent blue water fishing for tuna, wahoo, and trevally is also an option.
The fly fishing guides at CIO are among the atoll’s most skilled and passionate trevally hunters and love nothing more than to share with their guests the thrill of hooking these monsters. Christmas Island Outfitter’s head guide is Peter Kairaio. Peter is recognized as one of the island’s top guides and he is joined by a small group of handpicked professionals who are among the island’s most skilled and personable fly fishing guides. All have excellent eyes for spotting fish, calm temperaments under the pressure of sight fishing and are skilled instructors. The lodge is limited to no more than 12 anglers. As a result, the lodge boasts a highly flexible flats fishing program that can take full advantage of varying tides and fishing conditions. Each evening Peter will lead a discussion on the program for the following day’s fishing based on the conditions at hand. It is likely that your departure time from the lodge will vary each morning according to the tides and where you will be fishing.

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