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Fly Fishing in Iceland, Reykjavík,  Iceland, Brown trout, Char, Atlantic salmon, Salmon, Trout

Fly Fishing in Iceland

Reykjavík, Iceland
Brown trout, Char, Atlantic salmon, Salmon, Trout

Fishing in Iceland. Anglers.is is the website for Anglers who wish to get to know Icelandic rivers and fishing areas. We can take you fishing in Iceland.
A model for this website is an Icelandic web, www.veida.is. The owners of these two websites are the same. Anglers.is goal is primarily to introduce Icelandic lakes and rivers to anglers all around the world. And also to give them the chance to experience the rivers and nature through pictures and videos that can be found on Anglers.is. If you are interested in fishing in Iceland, we can assist you. We can help you organize a trip to Iceland and arrange permits for the rivers you want to fish.

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