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Fraser Coast Sportfishing,  Queensland,  Australia, Queen fish, Barramundi, Tuna, Trevally, Longtail tuna, Snapper

Fraser Coast Sportfishing

Queensland, Australia
Queen fish, Barramundi, Tuna, Trevally, Longtail tuna, Snapper

Fraser Coast Sportfishing offers full and half day trips in the waters of Hervey Bay – Fraser Island.
The target fish species in Hervey Bay are season specific. FCS specializes in sight casting for tailing Golden Trevally on the flats, finding and casting to schools of Longtail Tuna, Mackerel Tuna and other pelagic fish throughout the bay and tossing soft plastics and lures for fin fish like snapper in the mid to bottom waters. We also target Queenfish which are wildly popular with sports as well as fly fisherman. At certain times of the year we can have sensational topwater popper action with these acrobatic fish.
Generally the best season for Golden Trevally flats fishing is in the summer months, October to March. During this time pelagics like tunas and mackerels also appear. December thru April, depending on water currents and weather conditions, are the best months for these other species.

Winter time brings fishing for Queenfish or snapper on soft plastics. Winter in Hervey Bay can actually bring some of the nicest days on the water due to the comparatively mild weather conditions around Fraser Island.

Our guided freshwater excursions encompass a variety of different locations. The day will be dependent on the species we are targeting and the current conditions of the fishery. The serenity and scenery of the waters of Borumba, Lentalls and Mondoran Dams or Lake Gregory make these fishing experiences memorable. We can also fish some smaller more intimate rivers systems that offer very unique opportunities. The fish that we seek are all highly prized by sports fishermen. They include Australian Bass, Saratoga and the Barramundi which are all willing to eat a fly or a lure or both subsurface or top water.

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