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Galeodan,  Puerto Baquerizo Moreno,  Ecuador, Wahoo, Marlin, Bonito, Tuna, Dorado, Sailfish


Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Ecuador
Wahoo, Marlin, Bonito, Tuna, Dorado, Sailfish

galeodan brings you the very best of the galapagos islandsgaleodanturis cia. ltda. (galeodan) is based in puerto baquerizo moreno, san cristobal, the provincial capital of the galapagos. we are licensed by the ministry of tourism to provide the full range of national and international travel services. what's more, we are licenced by the galapagos national park to take you fishing! galeodan is the only independent, locally based, full-service agency in san cristobal operating with its own boat and vivencial fishing permit. vivencial fishingas one of only a handful of fully licensed operators in san cristobal, vivencial fishing is naturally a focal point of our enterprise. there are few, if any, places on earth that can match the extraordinary numbers of gamefish in our waters: particularly striped marlin. we wager none can match their vigour, pound-for-pound. so the fishing alone is sufficient reason for some to make the trip.

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