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Grander Marline Sportfishing,  Kailua Kona,  United States, Wahoo, Tuna, Sailfish, Blue marlin

Grander Marline Sportfishing

Kailua Kona, United States
Wahoo, Tuna, Sailfish, Blue marlin

Captain Chris Donato has been fishing all his life and has spent the good part of a decade fishing the south pacific islands and exploring bites all through the islands, enjoying live bait fishing ,lure fishing and dead bait techniques, specializing in heavy tackle Blue Marlin fishing with experience in light tackle as well.

Merritt’s 37 Footers
An avid fisherman, Buddy Merritt built what he perceived to be the perfect fishing boat. The first of his 37-footers were totally lacking the luxuries taken for granted today. They were built for one purpose: to raise and catch fish. In all, 13 of these famed 37-footers were built, and 12 survive to this day (one was lost to fire caused by stray fireworks while the boat was out of the water in a boat yard).

Our vessel is Hull #5
Originally named Windsong (Hull #5) was built in 1959 for Tore Hembe. In later years she was known as Barbara Jo, Caracal, Comparss Rose, Cheetah, Mistress, Thunder, Sportin’ Life, Sassy Lady and Old Lady. In November, 2005 she was sold and moved from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Stuart, Florida to undergo a complete restoration by Gamefisherman & named “Friendship” in Virginia Beach. She was then purchased by us and renamed “Leilani” and located in Western Samoa where she fished for several years before traveling to Fiji and now is renamed and in Kona,Hawaii which is where she will stay – combing the flat calm Kona seas looking for Tutu.

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