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Himalayan River Fun,  Bhagabati Bahal,  Nepal, Mahseer, Rainbow trout, Trout, Catfish

Himalayan River Fun

Bhagabati Bahal, Nepal
Mahseer, Rainbow trout, Trout, Catfish

himalayan river fun is an experienced rafting and trekking adventure company, committed to being one of the leading companies regarding quality service. it was funded by professional rafting and trekking guides. we are specialized in white water rafting, trekking and nepal tour. we are a well known company and all guides are friendly and have all government certificate. on the earth like an adventure in the himalayan and making your experience a success is our specialty. we take pride in our high quality personal service, providing a professional and friendly approach we organized adventure tours that go beyond the standard travel. our large number of clients is forever expanding as these travels return home with exiting tales about the himalayan. we are proud of our record of return business and the many referrals we enjoy from satisfied customers. last but not lease, himalayan river fun is supporting community development projects. we support these initiatives by volunteer work and financial aid. we select an appropriate charity and organized charity travel to raise money. we are hoping to expand these activities. you can help our initiative! fair and fixed prices our prices are the same for everybody. no discounts, no cheating, no commission. this has been our concept since the start fourteen years ago. working conditions all staff has insurance and free access to equipment. the salaries are above average. our all staffs are nepal government certificate holder as well water rescue tranner, first aid trainning certificate holder. our staff always take care our valuable guest and they always around the guest and camp site. our staffs are free to join any trade union. medical care, if needed, is for everyone in the river expedition. if a river guide gets sick we will take care of him until he has recovered. highly skilled chefs and guides our chefs and guides are well trained and put hygiene, security and health before anything else. eco-friendly preserving our nature and environment is very important. our staff is well aware of environmental issues and will do their best to reduce any damage to the environment. all the garbage we bring, we take back. (except for compost able) we do not use firewood for cooking - the forests are too valuable. we are sponsoring a various project in the remote village. social work we try to give something back to the areas, which we are working in. we are supporting several schools, several honest but poor students for study higher education, a center for disabled people and more. this fund we contribute 10% from our net perfit. guaranteed quality and service a. we never compromise with quality service. if you are not satisfied with any of our services, you are able to claim your money back. everything is carefully planned and nothing is left to fate. b. we take full responsibility for our staff and have clear rule. c. our staffs avoid or are very modest with alcohol. d. our equipments are modern and checked regularly e. all of our equipment are suplyed from usa f. english speaking river guides. g. well cook man h. well kitchen equipment i. well two men tent

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