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Hotel Orango Guinea Bissau, Cacheu,  Guinea Bissau, Bass, Shark, Tarpon, Snapper, Barracuda

Hotel Orango Guinea Bissau

Cacheu, Guinea Bissau
Bass, Shark, Tarpon, Snapper, Barracuda

Fishing in the interior waters of the Bijagós Island archipelago is simply amazing, where nutrient-rich waters are home to a large variety of species. Giant tarpons, a number of large Shark species, Carangidae, Sea Bass, Red Snapper, different species of manta rays, Barracudas, Cobias and lots of different species of large fish that are hard to catch in other areas. In short, it is the perfect fishing tourism destination.
Nearly all the fishing techniques are carried out from the boat and it is interesting that despite the techniques of tarpon and shark fishing being quite different, they are both practiced from an anchored boat. Trolling fishing tends to be very productive, as Carangidae, Barracudas and Red Snapper react well to our Rapala lures.

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