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Kabalebo Nature Resort,  Paramaribo,  Suriname, Redtail catfish, Catfish, Other fish

Kabalebo Nature Resort

Paramaribo, Suriname
Redtail catfish, Catfish, Other fish

Catching fish by the bucket-load, here we come! Are you ready?

If you are a fish lover, this is what you dreamed of. Kabalebo Nature Resort is a member of the International Game Fish Association. At our resort we offer adventurous and custom tailored fishing tours that will have your friends jealous and looking to out fish you when they venture down to Suriname on their own.

In the rich Kabalebo River we start the hunt for;

Trahira (wolf fish)
Red Tail Catfish
…and of-course the famous Piranha
With a bit of luck, we might land a big catch, after all whoppers of 130 kg (286 lbs.) have been caught in this river. And though, the standard fishing trip is quite an adventure we have a specially adapted program for the fish fanatics to really show what they’re capable of.

Fishing is more than a piece of bait in the water. Depth, structure, water temperature, air pressure and bottom composition are just some of the factors into consideration when fishing for a certain species. At Kabalebo you’ll get the chance to experiment with your fishing talent. Kabalebo Nature Resort however recognizes the “catch and release” fishing principle, which means that the catch is thrown back into the river. Of course as proof, you can ask for a photo when the fish is on the line so you can amaze all your friends.

Are you ready to get yourself some fish?

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