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Lake Bohinj, Slovenia, Brown trout, Char, Salmon, Grayling, Goldfish, Lake trout, Burbot, Rainbow trout, Chub

Lake Bohinj

Brown trout, Char, Salmon, Grayling, Goldfish, Lake trout, Burbot, Rainbow trout, Chub

- Fly-fishing with a float tube (or belly boat) on Lake Bohinj is an ideal trip for fishermen who want to catch their trophy trout. You will always remember this guided fishing experience because of the photos and films that will be given to you at the end of the adventure.

- Lake Bohinj is the area from the outflow of the Savica to the bridge next to St John's Church. It comprises of the entire shore and the entire lake surface. The glacier Lake Bohinj is a habitat for autochthonous lake trout, eelpout and bleak. Lake char is a non-autochthonous fish, which is the best fish specialty for those who enjoy in culinary delights.

- Fly-fishing in the Sava Bohinjka River is one of the best fishing experiences in Slovenia. Explore the mysteries of riverbeds and enjoy in the peace and excitement of catching fish. For an ultimate experience, hire a guide who will help you explore the most beautiful spots for fishing.

Sava Bohinjka is an Alpine river which flows from Lake Bohinj and runs along a narrow valley. It is a habitat mostly for salmonid fish like trout, grayling, rainbow trout, the Danube salmon and bleak. The only permitted way of fishing is fly-fishing. Fishermen can choose between catch and take as well as catch and release permits.

The first part of the fishing area extends from the outflow section of Sava Bohinjka from Lake Bohinj to the road bridge at Bohinjska Bistrica, which is managed by Bohinj Fishing Family. The second part of the fishing area, managed by the Slovenian Fishing Association, extends from the bridge to the dyke in Soteska.

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