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Little J Guides,  Pa,  United States, Brown trout, Brook trout, Rainbow trout, Trout

Little J Guides

Pa, United States
Brown trout, Brook trout, Rainbow trout, Trout

Whether you are an experienced angler who is looking to find the ideal water fish or the novice who is just getting your waders wet, it is beneficial to hire a local guide to give you the edge. Depending on the hatches, water conditions, and time of year, the Little Juniata can present a variety of fly fishing challenges. A lot of anglers who step into the Little J. find these fish have a PH.D in neglecting a less than stellar fly and presentation. Rather than spending your day in frustration and little to show for it, consider a day on the water with Little J. Guides.

With our vast knowledge of the river, it's wary brown trout, and diverse bug life, we can assure you a day on the water with us will not only be an enjoyable day of fishing, but also an investment in your fly fishing skills.

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