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Los Torreones Lodge,  Aysén,  Chile, Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Trout

Los Torreones Lodge

Aysén, Chile
Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Trout

Pancho has lived and worked in Patagonia for over 25 years. As a founding member of the original fly fishing movement in Chile, he is a recognized expert in for fishing and hunting and knows the Patagonia back country second to none.

He, along with his wife Alexandra, and four children: Diego, Sebastian, Benjamin, and Antonia embody the essence of “Patagon Lifestyle.”

Pancho and his sons are gifted guides. Their authenticity, knowledge, humor, and good company make any day on the river a special experience.

Their love for Patagonia and passion for sharing the experience with Lodge guests is a unique and unforgettable . Los Torreones Lodge Guides are ALL resident Chileans, with valid working papers.

We believe strongly in supporting Local Guides and businesses.

Not only do Los Torreones guides know the fishing, they also know the history, the ranchers, the local customs, weather patterns, culture….in short: Chile.

You've flown a long way to be in Chile. At Los Torreones Lodge you are guaranteed to have an authentic Patagonia Experience.

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