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Mo Laksegard,  Sand,  Norway, Brown trout, Salmon, Sea trout, Trout

Mo Laksegard

Sand, Norway
Brown trout, Salmon, Sea trout, Trout

if you would like an enjoyable and authentic holiday experience then we would definitely recommend a stay at mo laksegard. here you can have a quiet and peaceful time, or we can take you on one of our many activities.from autumn into spring we also caters for company events/meetings/representation of various kinds. Mo Laksegard can provide 3 different fishing zones along
the Suldalslaagen River – the largest river in Western Norway.
The season for river trout (Brown Trout) fishing commences
on May 1st, and the season for salmon fishing commences
on July 20th and lasts until September 30th.

Suldalslågen River is renowned for its large salmon.
It is not unusual to land a salmon that weighs 10 kgs.
Every year, a salmon weighing more than 20 kgs is landed.

The average weight for sea trout ranges from 1.0 to 1.4 kgs.
Trout weighing between 3 to 5 kgs are not uncommon.

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