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Morocco Carp,  Azilal Morocco,  Morocco, Bass, Zander, Carp

Morocco Carp

Azilal Morocco, Morocco
Bass, Zander, Carp

Lake Bin el Ouidane (apprx. 3000 ha) is home to some of the largest Carp in the world with a current fully scaled mirror lake record of a 73.6 lbs (33.4 kg) by Ralf Emmerich from Germany. Biggest common carp caught weight 60.85 lbs (27.6 kg) by Tim Roski from Germany. The Carp are still young, stocked in 1994 from a fast growing strain of Hungarian linear mirror. Cirka 90% of the carp are commons, the remaining 10% consists out of mirror, linear, leather and full scaled carps. The lake also holds an impressive head of Black Bass, Pike, Zander, Roach and Tench.
Morocco Carp, the leading carp fishing holiday company on the lake, took over the fishing license from Morocco Carp Fishing in July 2016 and offers full gear rental on a 24 hour basis. We rent fishing tackle, boats, electric motors, batteries, by the day or week.

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