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No Politics: Backcountry Sport Fishing Charters,  Florida Keys,  United States, Snook, Bonefish, Sea trout, Tarpon, Permit

No Politics: Backcountry Sport Fishing Charters

Florida Keys, United States
Snook, Bonefish, Sea trout, Tarpon, Permit

"Just imagine sitting in 18" of water as a bonefish tails in front of you with his fins glistening in the sunlight. The tide is falling and he is heading your way. You’re transfixed as he and three other fish tail up near your bait. Will he eat it? Not always, but sooner or later the rod bends over, the fish feels the hook and off he goes at speeds approaching 40mph. As he charges the boat, the gray ghost senses your presence as he heads out to sea or toward a bayside channel. The line slices through the water, like a knife cutting butter sometimes you can even hear the line hissing as it disappears from your spool at an alarmingly fast rate. Everyone, including the captain, wonders if he will ever stop. Yet, slowly the wild surge subsides as the fish turns toward the boat. Eventually you get some line back on your reel, but whoops off he goes again, not quite as far but equally as fast.

Finally, after two shorter runs, with numerous headshakes attempting in vain to dislodge the hook on the bottom, you sense that victory is near. But wait, the fish hasn’t found that out yet as he circles the boat trying to find a way to win. It has been 20 to 25 minutes since your hook up. Your prize is at boat side. You admire him, photograph him, and your captain carefully releases the silver torpedo to fight another day. Trust me, you will remember this experience for the rest of your life. You have caught a big Islamorada bonefish in the 9-12lb. Class. Who knows, you might even beat the captain’s personal best of 15lbs!"

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