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Northland Hunting, Sweden,  Sweden, Whitefish, Perch, Grayling, Arctic char, Trout, Deer, Roe deer, Moose

Northland Hunting

Sweden, Sweden
Whitefish, Perch, Grayling, Arctic char, Trout, Deer, Roe deer, Moose

Northland Hunting is a group of experienced hunters from the Northland/ Jämtland region. We have all hunted since childhood and learned the secrets of the hunt in Northland from our fathers and grand fathers. We also have some of the best trained and highly experienced moose dogs for the demanding hunt for moose. Our dogs, which are from the breed Jämthund goes through a series of demanding test and are certified champions in moose hunting. We also arrange hunts for snow grouse with setters and pointers and hunts for black grouse and capercaillie with Finn dogs. Northland Hunting also organizes hunt for roe deer with dachshund and there is also a possibility to shoot bear during the moose hunt.
The population of moose in Sweden is about 300.000 - 350.000 pieces. The annual cull is about 100.000. The brown bear population is about 3.000 and the annual cull is 300. There is also a small quota for grey wolf, mainly in the mid Sweden region. The population of wolf is about 400. When the population of Lynx is high, there is also a quota for hunting them. The Lynx population depends very much on the amount of available prey.

There is also a growing population of Red Deer in the region, but the hunt is regulated, so that the population can increase and spread to new areas. The harsh environment has made them big and strong, but the areas are big and the hunt for them is still demanding and difficult. We shoot moose according to a state quota, which gives us a certain amount of moose that we can shoot. The hunting leader decides what animals are possible to shoot in each hunting area.

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