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Paddle Freaks Outfitters Japan,  Tamagawa,  Japan, Brown trout, Bass, Rainbow trout, Trout, Carp

Paddle Freaks Outfitters Japan

Tamagawa, Japan
Brown trout, Bass, Rainbow trout, Trout, Carp

We will provide guide for paddling, fishing and nature discovering in Tokyo area.As you know, Tokyo is one of the biggest and exciting city in the world and you may enjoy shopping, sightseeing, food and night life. Actually these are fantastic pleasure. And now, I recommend something nature discovering in Tokyo area. It is also real another side of Tokyo and why don't you go fishing/nature trip? Have a good day and enjoy Tokyo.

In Oshino district of Katsuragawa river that is our guiding location, recommend 3 to 5 weight and 8 to 9 feet length in fly rod.
There is stream in forest but more wide than mountain stream and fish also bigger. You may fish for Yamame, Iwana, Rainbow trout and Brown trout.

If you like fishing in lake, I recommend 6 to 8 wight and longer than 8'6".
For carp? Same rod for lake fishing.

Please contact me if you need more information about fly fishing in Japan.
Of course, we will provide guide for fly fishing, lure fishing and coarse fishing. Let me know your favorite fishing style!


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