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Pro-Guides Fly Fishing,  Mur River,  Austria, Salmon, Sea trout, Trout

Pro-Guides Fly Fishing

Mur River, Austria
Salmon, Sea trout, Trout

Take advantage of the opportunity to benefit from professionals! The instructors of Pro-Guides have years of experience in Fly Fishing at home and abroad and the training of beginners and advanced. Learn casting action from the basics to special and trick casts.

You will learn how to present your fly attractive. We will teach you in how to find fish and about different kinds of insects living on and in the water as well as the steps of a gentle fight and an efficient landing.

Individual Guiding provides personal coaching. The guide takes you for a whole day on the water and concentrates exclusively on you. The programme is tailored to your needs to allow you to decide whether you wish to improve your casting techniques or to learn how to master particular situations.
“Stoffel” has studied sports science and has worked in conjunction with various companies in the Fly Fishing sector since 1997. He works as a full-time professional Guide and course Instructor.

During the following years he has accompanied many fly fishermen onto the waters all over the world and passed on his knowledge. He is well known for his methodical explanations and casting demonstrations.

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