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Redfern River Lodge,  Bc V0 J 1 E0,  Canada, Rainbow trout, Trout

Redfern River Lodge

Bc V0 J 1 E0, Canada
Rainbow trout, Trout

We offer “World Class Fly Fishing” for Wild Native Rainbow Trout. The Redfern River has incredible dry fly action all summer long. The river holds seldom fished, hard fighting fish in every pool, ripple, back eddy and tail out. There are fish from 10 to 24 inches eager to smash your dry flies.
Experience World Class Fly Fishing. We have exclusive rights to guide fishermen on this river and these fish rarely see flies from anyone but Redfern River Lodge guests. 50 fish days are common on the Redfern. The Segutlat and Iltasayko rivers are also big producers. We encourage catch and release fishing but with fish populations being very healthy you can keep a two day catch limit from the big lakes.
Eutsuk and Walla Lake hold some huge Rainbow to 20 lbs. You can try for these Big Beautiful Lake Bows from our dependable seaworthy lake boats. Trolling deep with downriggers is very productive and fish to 10lbs are common.
These fish can be enticed from the cold clear depths with sinking fly line and weighted flies trolled or casted. When the conditions are right you can cast to these big lake fish as they sip Caddis or Mayflies from the surface.

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