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River Plate Anglers,  ,  Brazil, Alligator gar, Peacock bass, Redtail catfish, Other fish

River Plate Anglers

, Brazil
Alligator gar, Peacock bass, Redtail catfish, Other fish

River Plate Anglers has been a pioneer in Peacock Bass fishing since 1992 (Baitcasting and Fly Fishing) in Brazil. Over the years, our company has continuously evolved in order to provide our guests access to most exclusive (privately leased) productive fisheries, plus an unprecedented level of services, facilities, comfort and safety.
Why are exclusive (privately leased) preserves so crucial for Peacock Bass fishing?

Since 2002, the Brazilian authorities have granted River Plate exclusive fishing entry permits in over 10 Indian Reservations and Government Preserves, in exchange for humanitarian financial commitments.

Thanks to these permits our guests don’t waste time in marginal over-fished waters, that have been pummeled by other sport fishing companies. We restrict guest numbers to a minimum of 2 kms of pristine river assigned to each angler per season in our private water rivers, such as, the Xeriuini or Jufaris with an equivalent of more than 270 km, we will only assign 180 anglers to each river.

Our guests do not fish in fringy water-level periods – In a 5 month season, our guests only fish 45 days in each of the South of Manaus rivers and, 60 days in each of the North of Manaus rivers.

Fly-In Floating Cabins

amazon peacock bass fishing trip floating cabins

From an infrastructure point of view, what distinguishes our Amazon Peacock Bass fishing trips are our unique and highly mobile, deluxe, air conditioned Fly-In Floating Cabins, introduced in 1996. This lodging concept has been so well received by our clients, we have added five cabin facilities to the original ones.

Drawing only four inches of water, our Fly-In Floating Cabins enable our guests to move on a daily basis to un-fished river segments in air-conditioned comfort and style throughout our exclusive (privately leased) fishing grounds. Our highly mobile, shallow-draft Fly-In Floating Cabins overcome shallow-water barriers such as sand bars which block the passage of all other forms of navigation.

Peacock bass fishing amazon trip, Fly-In Floating Cabins campWe take small parties of 8-12 guests from Manaus directly to our comfortable Fly-In Floating Cabins in float planes, or in wheeled planes that land on nearby air strips. Our guests wake up every morning in their Fly-In Floating Cabin, along a Caribbean-like white-sand beach, with nothing but remote, savagely beautiful Amazonian Rainforest in every direction. Check out our planned itinerary.

Join River Plate Amazon Outfitters for world-class Peacock Bass fishing and turn your angling fantasies into the fishing trip of a lifetime!

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