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Rok Lustrik  S.P., Fly Fishing,  Goricane 42 B,  Slovenia, Brown trout, Salmon, Brook trout, Rainbow trout, Trout

Rok Lustrik S.P., Fly Fishing

Goricane 42 B, Slovenia
Brown trout, Salmon, Brook trout, Rainbow trout, Trout

It's a pleasure for our local guides to help you discover the secret jewel known as Slovenian fly fishing! Most of the fishing is located in the North-West part of Slovenia's Julian Alps. The waters are renowned for their sky blue glacial colours, for example the Soca river and its tributaries.
All anglers can find water that suits their fly-fishing abilities and inclinations. If you are new to fly-fishing, you can enjoy learning and improving your fishing abilities on the Sava Bohinjka or Radovna rivers. If you are an expert, you can test your stalking and rivercraft skills on the challenging Soca, Tolminka or Idrijca rivers.
Slovenia also offers natural chalk streams on the Krka and Unec, famed for their brown trout and trophy grayling.
Species diversity is the name of the game in Slovenia: you can expect to catch brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, brook trout, "Danube" salmon, or even the elusive and mysterious marble trout -THE trademark of Slovenian fly fishing!

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