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Sacvoyage Travel, Yerevan,  Armenia, Whitefish, Lake trout

Sacvoyage Travel

Yerevan, Armenia
Whitefish, Lake trout

Despite being landlocked, Armenia can still boast of its “blue pearl”, the majestic Lake Sevan. This unique natural reservoir is one of the biggest and highest freshwater lakes in the world. The lake spreads its waters along the base of the Geghama mountain range bordered by the Sevan, Vardenis, and Areguni mountain chains. A total of 28 rivers flow into Lake Sevan and it is the source of the Hrazdan River.

In 1978 this natural heritage became a National Park to protect the fresh water reserves, fish stock, its bird assemblages and historical monuments, as well as to regulate tourism and recreational activities.

Together with SacVoyage Travel you will have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view of the Geghama chain while fishing in the blue water of Lake Sevan. Savan is famous for its noble spices of trout ( Arm. ‘Ishkhan,’ translated into English as ‘prince’), which makes it a popular destination for those who love fishing.

While heading to Lake Sevan you will be accompanied by our assistant, who will give you the instructions and introduce you the specialties concerning the fishing area. Due to his professional assistance you will hardly leave the basin of Lake Sevan without a trout or a sig.

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