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Skarnsundet Fishing, ,  Norway, Pollock, Atlantic salmon, Lingcod, King mackerel, Salmon, Atlantic cod, Haddock, Other fish

Skarnsundet Fishing

, Norway
Pollock, Atlantic salmon, Lingcod, King mackerel, Salmon, Atlantic cod, Haddock, Other fish

Shore Fishing at Skarnsundet

Skarnsundet Fjordsenter is the perfect destination to enjoy your shore fishing holiday in Norway. There are more species than you can imagine and fish of a lifetime waiting for you!

Skarnsundet was the first fishing camp in Norway to offer organised shore fishing holidays and now we have more than 300 shore anglers visiting us every year. The shore fishing could not be any easier, regardless of your ability there are marks that will suite every angler, from strong tidal currents, sandy beaches and deep gulleys…
The best fishing marks are all within a 15min drive of Skarnsundet. On your first day the on-site fishing guide will take you around all of the marks, showing you how to fish the marks, where they are and the best times to fish them.

Included in the shore fishing holiday will be a hand held GPS and folder with all the shore fishing maps. At Skarnsundet we are always here to help you catch that dream fish.

The shore fishing season starts in September and runs through until May. During this time we have some of the best shore fishing in Europe within a 15 minute drive of Skarnsundet.

There is a break water just 50 meters from the apartment door that regularly produces specimen cod, haddock and pollock. Cod have been caught up to 49.5 lb from the shore and almost each angler goes home with a new personal best and memories that will last a lifetime.

Skarnsundet Fjordsentre has been offering self guided shore fishing for the past Eight years. We were the first company in Norway to offer a shore fishing product. During this period we have developed the product in to what we believe to be a great value for money experience for every ability of angler. This pacakge is great both for the time angler to Norway and also our return customer. Our guides are available every day to give you help and advice.

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