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St. Lewis River Lodge,  Td Place 140 Water Street,  Canada, Atlantic salmon, Salmon, Trout

St. Lewis River Lodge

Td Place 140 Water Street, Canada
Atlantic salmon, Salmon, Trout

We have taken extraordinary measures in the design and construction of the St. Lewis River Lodge as a fitting tribute to this incredible river and world class Atlantic salmon resource that remains virtually unknown to the angling fraternity. Introduced to this paradise by Messr’s Harry Steele and the late Craig Dobbin, we have angled the St. Lewis River since 1995.
There are many theories to explain the allure of fly fishing. We prefer to describe fly fishing as an art form with many personal benefits. As with any art, the level of enjoyment and personal satisfaction sought or achieved varies widely with each individual. Irrespective of age and experience we do know that your St. Lewis River Lodge visit will deliver a wealth of memories in the art of hooking, playing and releasing Atlantic salmon amidst absolute luxurious surroundings.

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