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Starir Flyfishing Club, Reykjavík,  Iceland, Brown trout, Char, Atlantic salmon, Salmon, Trout

Starir Flyfishing Club

Reykjavík, Iceland
Brown trout, Char, Atlantic salmon, Salmon, Trout

Our Commitment to the Atlantic Salmon

The Atlantic salmon is one of our most respected game fish with a great and enduring history. Without the fresh runs of salmon that arrive every year from the Atlantic Ocean the rivers would not come alive with the onset of spring
The Atlantic salmon has been faced with constant threat in recent times. It is still too early to claim that the wild salmon’s future is assured, but there are encouraging signs on the horizon that stocks are recovering in many parts of the world.
A continuous joint effort is needed by all responsible parties to maintain our great Atlantic salmon heritage. Management of salmon rivers plays a vital part in this conservation and is something that Iceland takes a distinct pride in. We at Thvera/ Kjarra favour catch and release as part of the solution and our contribution towards Atlantic salmon conservation. By encouraging anglers not to kill more than a few salmon annually we can all do our small part in securing the future of the Atlantic salmon for future generations.
Welcome to Thvera/Kjarra
The fishing season

The first spring salmon arrive from the sea at the end of May to their natural habitat in the Thvera/Kjarra River. As summer surpasses spring and the midnight sun casts its glow over the terrain, the runs of salmon steadily increase until they reach their peak in the month of July. By then, all pools are vibrant with an ever-increasing number of fresh run salmon.
Fishing remains consistent well into the month of August, with fresh runs of salmon still arriving, though in smaller numbers. The season comes to an end in early September with the onset of fall and ever shortening days.

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