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Stone Fly Lodge,  Stanley Brook,  New Zealand, Rainbow trout, Trout

Stone Fly Lodge

Stanley Brook, New Zealand
Rainbow trout, Trout

Incredible Guided Fly Fishing Experiences
This region repeatedly records the most sunshine hours of all of New Zealand, combined with the crystal clear waters and dozens of rivers and streams to choose from, the guided fly fishing experience offered from Stonefly Fishing Lodge can be most memorable. Average catch size of brown trout in this region is approx 4lb-5lb, with catches of 8lb plus quite common and the chance of a trophy 10lb brown trout may only be a cast away.

The wide choice of rivers available from Stonefly Fishing Lodge enables guests to experience relatively gentle flowing easy access rivers to more adventurous back country streams requiring more accurate casting and a suitable level of fitness. The location also allows a wide choice of rivers from different catchment systems enabling the fly fishing guides to pick the most appropriate fly fishing destination according to the various flow rates at a particular time of year.

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