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Strømsholmen Diving And Fishing,  Norway ,  Norway, Pollock, King mackerel, Haddock

Strømsholmen Diving And Fishing

Norway , Norway
Pollock, King mackerel, Haddock

since 1981, we have been offering a unique mix of thrilling adventures to divers from all over the world. the area around here is very good for activities as diving, seasport and fishing. we have the fjord inside and the open sea outside stromsholmen. short distance to high mountains nearby, good for hiking.only few meters walk-distance from the cabins to the seahouse. if you seek ocean, fjords and fantastic nature, this is the place to start. we offer a natural eldorado for sports divers, with more than 100 divesites within short range. a fantastic experience is waiting for you. the area offers great diving in crystal clear waters, giant kelp forests, numerous wrecks, a rich marine life, drop-off and white, sandy sea beds. the flora and fauna here is both abundant and diverse due to the warm gulf stream, and can compete with anything found elsewhere in europe.

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