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The Forest, Saint Michel De Double,  France, Perch, Carp, Catfish

The Forest

Saint Michel De Double, France
Perch, Carp, Catfish

Our rain-fed carp fishing lake is triangular, around three acres in size and was formed in 1979 by allowing rainwater to fill a damned valley. The bottom is mostly clay with some silt around the wooded marginal areas.
The lake bottom follows the natural contours of the valley shelving gradually upwards from the deepest point at the centre of the damn, where the depth is around four metres, towards the sloping margins on the lake's other two sides.

The main body of water is snag free, although as with most natural waters, the margins offer some refuge for bolting fish with clumps of bulrushes, marsh grass and over-hanging trees. There are also patches of elodea out in the middle of the lake.

This is not some sterile, recently-dug carp fishing holiday venue the likes of which you often find when carp fishing in France. It's a natural, mature carp lake with plenty of interesting features.
An angler's paradise!! The carp lake was restocked in 2008 with more than half a ton of big carp in readiness for the start of the 2009 carp fishing holiday season. Although this included a handful of high doubles, the vast majority were twenties, thirties and forties. As anyone taking a carp fishing holiday in France will know, these carp will grow rapidly in the coming years, particularly here in the warm, sunny climate of South West France.

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