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Tres Piedras,  Los Riscos,  Chile, Brown trout, Salmon, Rainbow trout, Trout, Other fish

Tres Piedras

Los Riscos, Chile
Brown trout, Salmon, Rainbow trout, Trout, Other fish

We are experts in fly-fishing, and have extensive experience and knowledge of the Chilean Patagonia.

To satisfy the most common and popular needs we have arranged three different kind of fishing packages, ranging from day trips to trips lasting up to a week fishing. We offer anglers the option of taking one of these pre-planned trips or also customizing your own trip by making it according to your possibilities, preferences and interests. We go fishing by drift boating-down on catarafts specialized for fly fishing, and powered boats when neccessary, boating is the best way of reaching those untouched spots that are inacessible to most anglers.

We go to fish by the counties of Palena and Llanquihue, these two areas are the most beautiful places in northern Patagonia, they preserve some of the world most secluded and undiscovered places for fly fishing. We have been guiding at these two regions for 14 years from season 2000, our accumulated knowledge during all these years allows us to mix great fishing spots, the perfect lodges, wonderful local cuisine, wines, the culture of Patagonia and the authentic Chilean hospitality. This combination gives you an unique experience at the real wild Patagonia, feeling like home, and with excellent service standard.

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