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Tsimane Lodge - Fly Water Travel,  La Paz,  Bolivia, Dorado, Catfish

Tsimane Lodge - Fly Water Travel

La Paz, Bolivia
Dorado, Catfish

In terms of the all around ultimate fly fishing adventure, Tsimane, more than most any other place, has it all. Located in a remote indigenous territory of Bolivia where the Andes meet the upper Amazon, the freestone rivers of the region are both familiar and foreign to the well traveled angler. Each season hundreds of thousands of bait fish migrate up the greater Secure system and with them come thousands of large, aggressively feeding dorado. Here it is common to see packs of fierce dorado herding bait fish into the shallows and mercilessly ripping through them. From a great distance you can see the frothing commotion as the bait leaps into the air in a desperate effort to escape. From a quarter mile away the raining down of eight inch bait fish sounds like a dump truck dropping 20 yards of gravel. Here, anglers wet wade a jade green river and cast six inch flies on wire leaders through an endless array of pristine water types. Their reward; consistent catches of pugnacious, aerial dorado in the 8 - 35 pound class as well as additional jungle species like the fickle pacu and the elusive surubi. With few exceptions, the many anglers we have sent to Tsimane rate the trip among the top three angling experiences in their extensive careers. We couldn’t agree more strongly!

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