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Ultimate Rivers,  Kamchatka Russia 68003,  Russia, Brown trout, Char, Arctic grayling, Sockeye salmon, Salmon, Arctic char, Rainbow trout, Trout

Ultimate Rivers

Kamchatka Russia 68003, Russia
Brown trout, Char, Arctic grayling, Sockeye salmon, Salmon, Arctic char, Rainbow trout, Trout

Ultimate Rivers continues its successful association with one of the most experienced local tour operators (The Climb, Ltd.) in Kamchatka to offer superb, "Russian style" float and tent camp fishing expeditions on the finest streams in southern and central Kamchatka. These little sampled, unspoiled drainages are destined to take their place among the world's great rainbow trout/steelhead waters, for their consistency in producing large fish (average size 18-24 inches; to 15 lbs.), perfect stream conditions, and unspoiled beauty. A former strategic submarine base for the Soviet military during the Cold War, Kamchatka was off limits to everyone until the early '90's, and we are honored to be one of the few American operators offering legitimate floatfishing programs there.
All our Kamchatka river trips begin in Petropavlovsk, gateway city and capital of Kamchatka. Our Russian hosts greet us at the airport, then we travel to the heliport to board a turbine powered helicopter for transport to the river. Once there, we get settled into camp, begin fishing, then get acquainted with each other over a scrumptious inaugural dinner, to celebrate the beginning of a fantastic adventure.

These rivers offer perfect wade and cast conditions. The trout are big and unsophisticated, so you won't need a great deal of technical skills to do well fishing for them. We fish and float our way down river in high tech rafts, our guests setting the pace under the advice of our seasoned local guides, so you can fish as much as you want. Distance covered during your float will vary, anywhere from 25-50 miles, depending on conditions and duration of the trip. You will be expected to set up and take down your personal tent (2 clients in each) each day and have your personal gear in order for packing/unpacking the rafts. Other than that, our staff handles all the rest-setting up/taking down camp, cooking meals, dealing with the rafts, etc., so you can devote your time on the river to fishing, sightseeing, relaxing or whatever.

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