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Untamed Angling -  Tsimane,  120. Apt 43 Santa Cruz De,  Bolivia, Dorado

Untamed Angling - Tsimane

120. Apt 43 Santa Cruz De, Bolivia

We only seek out and develop fly fishing projects in unique and remote destinations.

In the ever shrinking world of today, most of the new and never-before-fished waters are located in reserves, national parks, or indigenous native territories, geographically isolated and closed to the public.
Tsimane is undoubtedly the best dorado fishery on earth.

It is located within the Isiboro Sécure Indigenous Territory & National Park, Bolivia, where the Amazon jungle meets the Andes mountains. The landscape is stunning and its rivers are run clear through the jungle and the mountains, with wading and sight-fishing opportunities that exceed most anglers’ imaginations. The surrounding jungle remains in an absolute virgin state and is one of the most sensual natural expressions of wilderness in the world.

The rivers are inhabited by the dorado and other sport fish from the Amazon basin, such as the pirapitinga or Amazon pacú and the yatorana (pound by pound, one of the strongest fresh-water species).

Each year a massive migration of dorados occurs which can only be compared to the annual runs of Pacific Salmon. Some experts equate it to the great migration of plains game on the African plains. The dorado migration follows the upstream movement of the sabalo, a baitfish that spawns in huge numbers in the Amazon basin.

Tsimane blends, like no other jungle destination, the best aspects of a fly fishing experience: sight casting, freestone wet wading, floating lines, majestic vistas, Amazon mountain rivers with clear, virgin waters, and wild big dorados everywhere.

In an effort to make these destinations available to our guests, Untamed Angling has developed a unique and groundbreaking model that opens the gates of these marvelous fisheries to the angling community.

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