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Valle Bonito Adventures,  Valle Bonito Adventures,  Chile, Brown trout, Salmon, Brook trout, Rainbow trout, Trout

Valle Bonito Adventures

Valle Bonito Adventures, Chile
Brown trout, Salmon, Brook trout, Rainbow trout, Trout

From the Valle Bonito Lodge we have nearby access to many great wild trout waters including both rivers and lakes that can provide a lifetime of fishing and exploration.Outside the door is the crystal clear Espolon River that flows about six miles from Lake Espolon to the Futaleufu River. The Espolon is an easy float trip or walk and wade and contains a fair amount of medium sized Rainbows and Browns with the occasional monster. In January and February, large King Salmon enter the Futaleufu system from the Pacific and migrate right past the Lodge to spawn below the falls just above. While not easy to catch on a fly, it does happen and we have caught several in the 35 pound range. Typically, we do not target the Salmon on our trips as they are better fished with a spinning rod and big spoon, however we had clients hook a few Salmon with a fly over the years. The Espolon is great for an evening fish and scenic float and an excellent walk and wade section is just a 15 minute walk from your door.The Futaleufu River is the biggest river in the area. Known for it’s famous and world class whitewater sections, the Futa as we call it also holds excellent populations of Browns and Rainbows. Average size is about 16 inches with 20 inch plus fish fairly common. One thing that you will note is the incredible power of these chrome bright fish. We have been nearly spooled by 19 inch fish and almost all of these wild fish are assured to show you your backing.

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