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4 Seasons Adventures,  Gualeguaychú,  Argentina, Partridge, Quail, Dove, Duck, Red deer

4 Seasons Adventures

Gualeguaychú, Argentina
Partridge, Quail, Dove, Duck, Red deer

We hunt twice a day, driving, riding horses, or walking from the lodge to the different spots from where we stalk. This is real stalk hunting and the terrain allows you to spot the animals from far away, and begin to stock. Some areas of the property require that you be in good physical shape to hunt successfully. Others areas are relative easy walking.

“Baguales” lodge, is located in a peninsula, surrounded by a beautiful lake immersed in the most lovely area of Patagonia, with over 8000 acres of woods, mountains and small valleys. The Ñirihuao is a super comfortable tented camp located 30 minutes from the local airport and produces magnificent red stag trophies. The hunter must be ready to take shots from 50 to 200 yards. Every hunter has a guide. After judging the trophy, the guide will determine if it is a shootable animal. It is important that you know that we do not allow lesser/young animals to be taken.

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