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Alaska Fair Chase Guiding,  Alaska 99827,  United States, Bear, Wolf, Brown bear, Goat, Black bear, Mountain goat

Alaska Fair Chase Guiding

Alaska 99827, United States
Bear, Wolf, Brown bear, Goat, Black bear, Mountain goat

Welcome to Alaska Fair Chase Guiding! My name is Larry Benda. I have lived & hunted in the Chilkat Valley (Haines, Alaska), for many years. I am registered guide # 1071. The intention of the following information is to introduce myself to prospective experienced hunting clients. I would like to convey an understanding of my style of hunting, while allowing future clients to gain perspective of myself a as guide & hunting companion.

My hunts are not luxury hunts. They are dedicated serious adventures with a goal of providing what I feel is the best opportunity to safely acquire the game we seek. My volume of business is purposely low to accommodate personalized attention to each client. The hunt areas are UNIT 1-D and 1-C, Costal Mainland, and Northern Southeast Alaska.

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