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Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate,  Outer Hebrides,  United Kingdom, Grouse, Red deer, Woodcock, Atlantic salmon, Sea trout

Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate

Outer Hebrides, United Kingdom
Grouse, Red deer, Woodcock, Atlantic salmon, Sea trout

At Amhuinnsuidhe Red Deer stalking takes place from September to October. Some hind stalking may be available from November to February. Two guns can normally be accommodated at any one time.

In Harris, we shoot grouse from September as they are a bit later in nesting than on the mainland. There are also snipe around at this time and this offers a good mixed bag. The woodcock start arriving in November, but with the main fall in December and early January. You may want to consider some hind shooting along with the game birds offering a good mix for a week or a half week. Please see our Tariff page for special deals on mixed sporting weeks.

Except when the rivers are in spate most of the fishing is done Hebridean style from a boat. There are five resident ghillies to look after guests and their company and thorough knowledge of the area are a major factor in the enjoyment of the day. Many guests return year after year.

The big sea trout start to run in June with salmon a week or two later. Weights are comparable with those found in similar waters in Scotland and Ireland although numbers are generally greater. Sea trout average 2lbs with salmon averaging 5lbs. The heaviest recorded salmon taken from the estate is 23lbs.

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