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Anderson's Lodge, ,  Canada, Bear, Smallmouth bass, Muskellunge, Northern pike, Walleye, Canada moose, Moose, Black bear

Anderson's Lodge

, Canada
Bear, Smallmouth bass, Muskellunge, Northern pike, Walleye, Canada moose, Moose, Black bear

THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE! Your party can fly or boat into one of our first class Lac Seul Outposts with your professional moose hunting guide to some of the best moose country you’ll ever see. Lac Seul, renowned for its endless miles of shoreline and shallow bays, has been famous for years as one of the most productive moose hunting lakes in the country.

It’s early October, you are wakened by the lonely call of a last loon, and the chanting of endless flocks of Canada geese as they make their way south. A steam-like mist rises from the lake as the crisp morning air steals any warmth the calm waters have left. Your cabin is filled with the aroma of fresh perked coffee and a warm, hearty home-cooked breakfast. There is a certain mystique about the atmosphere and excitement that surrounds you on your first Ontario Moose Hunt.

Moose Hunting Trips in Ontario

It is a half hour before dawn, your guide has dropped you off on post and positions himself close by. His bellowing call seems to echo across the north-land forever. Dawn has finally broken and you realize that you are overlooking one of the most breathtaking bays you have ever seen. The still, cool air, calm sheltered waters and surrounding sounds of nature combine to create a spellbinding tranquility found only in the most distant places of the earth. Suddenly the tranquility is broken by the loud CRACK! of a dry branch snapping from just inside the tree line. Your guide lets out another call… A moment passes, without warning you hear the most hair raising snorting and grunting sound that sends shivers down your spine. In the distance you can hear trees and brush being thrashed to pieces, then as if nothing has happened, the tranquility returns. A minute passes by, then two, then three and just when you think that will be the only response to your guide’s efforts, from nowhere appears the dark silhouette of the most majestic giant. Adrenaline rushes through your body and your heart starts pounding harder and harder. All of your planning and preparing has been for this moment. Up until now we have been leading the way, making decisions, and guiding you throughout the hunt. Finally, after all the anticipation, it is your turn to take the lead and make the decision.

Moose not on the loose!

A successful Canadian Moose Hunt is one that provides opportunities. Not only the opportunity to take an animal, but the opportunity to experience the northern Canadian wilderness at it finest. Success can be found in having the fortune to be part of the camaraderie that is shared among hunters during this unique time of year. It’s a combination of having the chance to hunt down the ultimate trophy moose, and having the opportunity to share in a part of a heritage that so few people are able to experience. The opportunity is here for the taking and whatever your decision, success will be found in an experience that you’ll treasure forever. We can accommodate groups of 2 to 12. The number of adult tags given to a group varies with party size and date of booking. So don’t wait, start your planning now to take part in this exclusive hunt for 2016 or in 2017!

Don’t forget to bring your fishing gear so you can experience some of the finest fall fishing anywhere. The fall can provide some of the biggest Walleye, Muskie, and Northern Pike fishing of the year. An opportunity of a lifetime that you can’t afford to miss.

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