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Argentina Hunting,  Entre Rios,  Argentina, Dove, Duck, Red deer, Axis deer, Water buffalo, Fallow deer, Wild boar

Argentina Hunting

Entre Rios, Argentina
Dove, Duck, Red deer, Axis deer, Water buffalo, Fallow deer, Wild boar

Argentina Hunting main characteristic is the quality of its services and its responsibility in the organization of every hunting trip, paying special attention to the objectives planned by each hunter in order to guarantee a successful hunt according to the hunter’s expectations. The supervision of the hunting expedition is done by the outfitter in an absolutely personalized way, starting from the reception of the visitors at the local airport during their arrival, up to the moment of returning to the country of origin.
Argentina Hunting proudly provides the best available hunts in Argentina given that it’s services are offered in the best hunting areas all over the country. In that sense, Argentina Hunting has available hunting areas in the forest of La Pampa province, in Patagonia’s mountains, in the plains of Buenos Aires province, in the mountains of Cordoba province, in the thick bush of Santiago del Estero and in many other remarkable hunting destinations of the country. Moreover, foreign hunters are offered all the prodigal fauna which this South American country is proud to have. They are able to hunt pieces of all kinds of quality in the different varieties of deer (red, axis and fallow deer), wild boars, cougars, wild goats, water buffaloes, blackbuck antelopes, etc., either in total freedom -without the presence of fences that limit the movement of the wild fauna- or inside large fenced places, especially adapted for the hunter to get an excellent trophy in fair chase. Trophies are the product of years of genetic improvement and constant animal care. We have the means to assure a comfortable, pleasant and successful stay.

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