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Argentina Wing Shooting,  Corrientes Province,  Argentina, Pigeon, Dove, Duck

Argentina Wing Shooting

Corrientes Province, Argentina
Pigeon, Dove, Duck

"Argentina Wingshooting Lodge has it all: outstanding duck and dove shooting, superb hunting for perdiz over elegant, staunch pointing dogs, and great decoyed pigeon gunning. Add to this sumptuous accommodations, gourmet-quality food, and wines that would satisfy the most fastidious oenophile. What.s more, it.s all just a two-hour drive on excellent highways from the hotels of Buenos Aires. That eliminates the long drives or expensive charter flights far out over the pampas required to get to some duck and pigeon shooting resorts along with the complicated business of taking internal flights to reach your destination within Argentina along with the hassle of checking in guns and paying overweight baggage charges.

All of the amenities and comforts and infrastructure I enjoyed at Argentina Wingshooting cost a lot of money to put in place. That is what separates this operation from most other bird shooting programs in Argentina. For the most part, many other lodges/outfitters are undercapitalized, with old, worn-out vehicles, shotguns, guns, decoys, etc. They typically accommodate their shooting guests in old, uncomfortable estancia homes that might date back to the early 20th century, where shooters sleep on hard, narrow beds that are just as old and where there is no central heating. Many have dogs that are poorly trained. They have second-rate shooting areas and do not spend enough money on baiting. In many cases, the so-called guides are inexperienced and incompetent. Their wines are the cheapest that can be bought at the local supermarket. I know. I.ve been there, done that, in Argentina on dozens of hunts over many, many decades.

The food at Argentina Wingshooting Lodge is outstanding. It combines basic Argentine fare big grills of choice cuts of beef, sweetbreads, kidneys, pork chops, chicken, lamb, and baby goat with plenty of sweet red and green peppers, along with big tossed salads and plenty of extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar plus long baguettes of crusty bread. "..

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